Making sure the body shop tools are all updated can get expensive for business owners. Technology changes quickly and the latest auto body tools are needed to diagnose problems and re-program computer components. An experienced wholesale company will have the capacity and established relationships with manufacturers to provide the newest products at the lowest prices. Most distributors these days maintain both a physical store location, and an E commerce store online. That combination increases the volume of sales, which helps to keep prices low for even the top quality and innovative products. Getting essential components at discounted pricing allows the business to remain competitive, and offer customers a wide variety of services. Small auto body shop owners have been competing with large chain department stores for routine maintenance services and tire purchases and wholesale pricing provides an advantage.

Everything needed can be found in one place, which saves time and money. Welding equipment and supplies, wire wheels, sanders, buffers, and cut-off wheel tools are available, among hundreds of others. Extensive choices for abrasives, adhesives, films, paints, and brushes are offered because the wholesaler is also a 3M superstore. Detailing, painting, applying graphics, and stenciling vehicles will take less time, and technicians can offer custom artwork to customers who want to personalize their cars or add some flair and style. Common decals, specialty stickers and appliques, and licensed images can be purchased in bulk and placed in the shop for customers to browse and select at their leisure.

Items needed to operate the shop can be found, such as cleaning supplies, safety equipment and gear, promotional signage, and colorful displays for certain product lines. Rags and solvents, mop buckets, brooms, and even “Paint-Off” hand cleaner are available to keep the shop and the mechanics looking inviting and professional at all times. Shop owners can go online to print off a credit application for a wholesale account. There is also a clearance page available online for the opportunity to save money off already low pricing. Shipping is free when ordering online and the huge inventory means items will be shipped out fast. Experienced staff are available for selection assistance, to answer questions, and review orders for accuracy.